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How it Works

We care about the well-being of our clients and their families. It is among our core beliefs that learning new skills and abilities can lead to a productive and fulfilled life, and make a person a more valued member of their community. To help further our mission statement, we have chosen to share our knowledge, experience, research, and skills with anyone who needs to complete community service hours. We ask that you set up an account before accessing our courses. We have made this process quick and simple, and we promise to protect your personal information. Our policy is to maintain confidentiality in line with the best practices of twenty-first century social work. Your account is solely for your benefit, allowing us to track your hours worked, and provide proof of completion you can submit to the court, clerk's office, school official or your probation officer.

Step 1: Enroll

Sign up for an account. The registration process is fast and simple.

Step 2: Take the Classes

Log in to your account. On the course page, choose the subjects that interest you. Each lesson
will earn you up to one hour of community service credit, repeatable, and the site will keep up
with your time. When you have completed the hours you for,
your work is done. There are no exams, but some lessons will have suggested at-home activities
to do.

Step 3: Get Your Verifiable Letter of Completion and Work Log!

Step 3: Get Your Verifiable Letter of Completion and Work Log!