Every child deserves a NURTURING FATHER -

A man who actively provides guidance, love and support to enhance the development and growth of children for whom he cares.

The Nurturing Fathers Program is an evidence - based, 13-week training course designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills to men. Each 2 ½ hour  class provides proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development.  NFP has been successfully implemented in Schools, Head Start, Churches, State DSS, Prisons, Halfway Houses, Prevent Child Abuse, Parenting and Counseling Centers, Military, Community Action Agencies and many others. Available in Spanish.

Mark Perlman, MA

Family Mediation / Training / Consulting

Author Mark PerlmanMark provides training on many themes related to fathers and families, and provides facilitator training for the Nurturing Father’s Program. He is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator.

Mark has 35 years of experience working with parents, children and families in strengthening the family bond. He authored The Nurturing Father’s Program, a 13-week parenting curriculum for men that has been utilized by thousands of fathers and implemented by organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse, Head Start, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, North Carolina Department of Corrections, State of Michigan… Mark also authored the MArrage & PArenting Program (MA&PA) that helps couples parent successfully as a team. He is the past Executive Director of the Family Counseling Center, The Child Protection Center and Fathers United Network (FUN) of Sarasota, Florida. He has served on the Florida Commission on Responsible Fatherhood, Commission on Marriage and Family Support, and currently on the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention and Permanency Council. Mark is the proud married father of 2 grown sons.

                                             Research and Validation                


The Nurturing Father’s Program is an evidence-based, validated program.  It is listed on national registries as an adaptation of The Nurturing Parenting Programs (go to www.nurturingvalidation.com), and it has it’s own independent research studies (see summaries below).